Matt Shaffner


Matt discovered Camden Chat in 2010. Was it a particularly intelligent or persuasive article that garnered my attention and earned his click? No. It was the scatalogical pun title for the daily open threads: Bird Droppings.

Now he helps generate and post the Bird Droppings threads during the week. A veritable dream come true! But his particular interest is in watching, studying, and writing about the Orioles' minor league system. Beyond that, he is a beer nerd, a lover of Heavy Metal music, and a proud native of the Eastern Shore.


Orioles Minor League Rundown: 7-29-14


On a night featuring both Dylan Bundy and Ubaldo Jimenez, Zach Davies puts together the best pitching performance.

Wednesday Bird Droppings


O's win! Angelos vs. the Nats vs. Selig. Ubaldo rehabs. Duquette downplays trade talks. And more in today's edition of Bird Droppings!

Where can O's look to fill two gaps w/ one trade?

The Orioles could use upgrades at multiple positions. Some hypothetical trade partners that could take care of two of the Orioles' needs at once include the Mets, Cubs, and Indians.

Orioles Minor League Rundown: 7-28-14


Late inning heroics for Norfolk. Bowie with a beatdown. Delmarva outlasted. And a typical night in Aberdeen.

Tuesday Bird Droppings


Trade deadline mania. A bullpen roster move. The O's thrive on the road. Updated top 20 prospects list. Slow play in MLB. And more in today's edition of Bird Droppings!

Orioles Minor League Rundown: 7-26-14


Rough night for the affiliates as only Norfolk comes away a winner

Orioles Minor League Rundown: 7-25-14


The price is Wright. Lil' Yaz continues his hit parade. The defense does Branden Kline no favors. Hunter Harvey Day. And an Aberdeen...win? Say wha?

Orioles Minor League Rundown: 7-22-14


A splendid night for fans of O's pitching prospects.

Wednesday Bird Droppings


O's won! Machado's balky back. Draft lotto mania. 2013 trades postmortem. 2014 trade 'perfect fits'. And more!

Orioles Minor League Rundown: 7-21-14


Tyler Wilson continues to roll. Bowie falls in extras. Delmarva fails to get runners in. And Aberdeen is still awful.

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