Commentary & Analysis

Trading Jim Johnson was the right move for Orioles

Recent demotion from closer's role one of many reasons the Orioles are better off without the former All-Star.

A Camden Yards concessions fail

Here is the story of a bad concession stand experience had by yours truly at Camden Yards. If this were an isolated incident, you wouldn't be reading this. Sadly, it is all too common.

Yankees' struggles should worry the Orioles

How could the faults of New York lead to the demise of Baltimore?

It's time for the Orioles to bench Nick Markakis

The Orioles are struggling to find playing time for four guys, while a fifth guy at the same position gets an automatic start every day. It shouldn't be this way.

O's Weekly Wrap: April 8th - April 14th

Up, down, up, down ... up and down.

Get to know your O's: J.J. Hardy

Who is the man behind those sideburns?

Where did Chris Davis's power go?

Chris Davis hasn't mashed a tater yet in 2014. What's going on?

Will Hardy's injury affect possible extension?

After two consecutive injury-free years, J.J. Hardy has been limited to just four games in 2014 due to back spasms. Could this affect the Orioles' desire to sign him to a contract extension?

Where does the Orioles’ depleted infield rank?

Injuries have decimated the O's infield recently. Where would the current group rank in the league?

Finding meaning in Weeks' meaningless journey

Jemile Weeks went on a journey on Tuesday and Wednesday. It meant nothing in the end because he was never added to the Orioles roster. Is there any meaning in that meaninglessness?


Comparing David Lough and Nate McLouth

Both of the OF's are compared for their similarities but is Lough capable of filling in McLouth's spot?

Perspective on Orioles' slow start

Reasons why the Orioles are in a good place, despite slow start.

Jeter and the Orioles: An alternate history

It could've happened...

O's Weekly Wrap: March 31st - April 7th

A poor start to the season has fans thinking "small sample size! small sample size!"

Get to know your O's: Steve Lombardozzi

Learn a bit about the newest addition to Baltimore

The Orioles should DFA Delmon Young immediately.

The Orioles only have 25 roster spots and one of them shouldn't be used for a player that doesn't provide anything different than other members of the roster. The Orioles should find a more useful way to use Delmon Young's roster spot.

Analyzing Ubaldo Jimenez's first start

What worked and (mostly) what didn't in Jimenez's start against the Boston Red Sox.

Lessons learned from the Orioles opening series

It's only three games, but it's three more games than we had to think about the Orioles a week ago. How did some of the newer Orioles acquit themselves?

Why April is critical to O's postseason hopes

A month-by-month statistical breakdown of the Baltimore Orioles 2014 season.

What does a 1-0 start mean to the Orioles?

The first game of the season means a lot of things to many people, but what does it actually say about the team's chances to contend?

Rooting for the laundry: Delmon Young edition

In which a conflicted fan tries to rationalize his hypocrisy.

Scouting Report on the Orioles' Ryan Webb

Learn Webb's strengths and weakness to see where he will feature in Baltimore's 2014 bullpen.

The optimal Orioles lineup

Most MLB managers don't use a perfectly optimized lineup. I attempt to show what the optimized Orioles lineup would look like, even if it's different from what the club actually uses.

Orioles 2014 25-man roster: The hitters

A look at the fine young men who will make up the offense for your 2014 Baltimore Orioles.

Orioles 25-man roster: The pitchers

A look at the starting rotation and bullpen for your 2014 Baltimore Orioles.

Why the Orioles will win the pennant

The Orioles probably won't win the World Series this year, but it isn't much fun to think about that. This is why they will win.

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