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Commentary and analysis on the Baltimore Orioles from the writers of SB Nation's Orioles blog, Camden CHat.

Where can O's look to fill two gaps w/ one trade?

The Orioles could use upgrades at multiple positions. Some hypothetical trade partners that could take care of two of the Orioles' needs at once include the Mets, Cubs, and Indians.

Weekly Wrap: Matusz, Chen fuel West Coast success


Brian Matusz and Wei-Yin Chen pitched well this week on the way to a 6-4 West Coast road trip.

Get to know your O's: Tommy Hunter


You wouldn't know it from looking at him, but Tommy Hunter was once a world champion martial artist. He also likes Subway a lot. He's an interesting fella.

On life as a fan of the first-place Orioles

Birdman, Son of Birdmom, on life as a fan of the first-place Orioles

Is a future Hall of Famer on the O's right now?

The Hall of Fame induction ceremonies are this weekend. Do any of this year's Orioles have any chance of ever being inducted as Orioles?

Extending Chris Davis and Matt Wieters


Why now represents the best time for the O's to extend Chris Davis and Matt Wieters?

It's time for the Orioles to bench Chris Davis


As the Orioles first baseman continues to struggle, it's time to give the team some platoon advantage by spelling him more often.

Should the Orioles extend Nelson Cruz?


Nelson Cruz is delighting Orioles fans and other teams' advance scouts. Should the Orioles try to keep him in Baltimore?

Get to know your O's: Chris Davis


We see the muscles and the moonshot home runs. But did you know that he used to wear pink slippers to school? Or that has recovered from a mild drinking problem during his ascent to home run king?...

A.L. East midseason review: Bullpen


How do the bullpens of the American League East stack up at the mid-season point?


A.L. East midseason review: Right field


How does my preseason prediction look at the All-Star break?

A.L. East mid-season review: LF and DH


The Orioles have been the best in the division in left field and designated hitter mainly thanks to one man: Nelson Cruz.

A.L. East midseason review: Shortstops


Who has been the best shortstop in the American League East so far this year? Could J.J. Hardy be better than you thought?

A.L. East midseason review: Third base


Manny is hanging in at the hot corner despite missing a month of play.

Get to know your O's: Nelson Cruz


He is the guy that has made Dan Duquette look like a genius this season. He is easily the best $8 million that Peter Angelos has ever spent. Learn more about what made the All-Star who he is today.

Weekly Wrap: Machado breaks out


Manny Machado led all of baseball in offense this week.

A.L. East midseason review: Second base


It's a spot where the Orioles were noticeably weak entering the 2014 season. They are still pretty bad there, but the rest of the division isn't much better.

A.L. East midseason review: First base


Trying to predict baseball is begging for trouble. Oh, Chris Davis, where art thou?

AL East Midseason Review: Catchers


The Orioles lost catcher Matt Wieters after a month of the season when he was hitting better than ever. How do Orioles backstops fare against the rest of the catchers in the division? Better than...

Around the AL East - Jays continue to slide


A look at the American League East from July 4-10.

Why is the bullpen so difficult to upgrade?


The Orioles should not make the mistake of trading for relievers at the trade deadline again

The Orioles should trade for Ben Zobrist


The Orioles could address a major team need in an intra-division trade, and get more than a rental out of it.

To fans of both the O's and Nats: You must decide!


You can like the Orioles and the Nationals. But when the Orioles play the Nationals, you have to choose one. I'd prefer you choose the Orioles, but really, just choose one.

Weekly Wrap: Brach brings it


The Orioles had an excellent week as Brad Brach, Kevin Gausman, and Nelson Cruz all went above and beyond.

Get to know your O's: Adam Jones


In honor of the upcoming All-Star game in only seemed appropriate to take a look at he face of the franchise. He, once a nomad as a kid, has found a home in Baltimore.

Around the A.L. East - O's move into 1st place tie


A look at the American League East from June 27 - July 3.

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