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BEST OF CC 2010: What's Wrong With Adam Jones?


We're taking a look back at some of the analysis we've offered through the 2010 season. This piece, originally published on April 15, 2010, takes a look at why Adam Jones struggled at the end of...

BEST OF 2010 ON CC: I am Miguel Tejada


The best of Camden Chat looks at this article on the parallel between Miguel Tejada and one fan's frustration with his baseball family.

BEST OF 2010 ON CC: Buck & The Bullpen


EDITOR'S NOTE: We will be re-running some of the best original content from the 2010 season over the next week, to let those new to the site see what Camden Chat has to offer. If you like what you...

Vote Camden Chat for the Mobbies


Camden Chat has been nominated as one of Maryland's Outstanding Blogs. Vote for us today!

Another season in the books


It seems like every year at the end of the season we always have a discussion somewhere on the site about how great the site is and how it helped us get through the season. I hope you'll indulge me...

New SB Nation Fantasy Roster Reader


A number of updates were made to SBN overnight, most of which you might notice in the design but will not have much affect on you (different re-tweet buttons, addition of Facebook, Twitter, and RSS...

Frederick Keys' playoff game on 8 September


Camden Chat is headed to Frederick to see the Keys in their first playoff game. Wanna come with?

July 24th: Camden Chat at Camden Yards


Note: I'm bumping this up in case anyone missed it yesterday (it got pushed down the page rather quickly). If you're interested, let me know and I'll add your name to the email list for info. B...

How to make links in a comment


 Want to make links in a comment or reply with just pasting the ugly-lookin' URL? Here's how to make links in a comment or reply on any SBN site, including Camden Chat. First off, ALWAYS type in a...

How to make pictures a suitable size on SBN


Just about all of you know how to use the INSERT PICTURE icon on the reply box.  First of all, ALWAYS include a subject line for picture - people can click on the subject line to make the picture...

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