Chris Davis

This short article shows how Chris Davis is much improved against breaking pitches this year. Another article ranks him as the top hitting performer in MLB last week:

Bird's Eye View - Episode 37 - Bring on the Ga(u)sman

Leading Off Episode 37 of the podcast is a very special one, as it coincides with the debut of Kevin Gausman, who wore #37. Spoiler Alert: we talk about him a little later on in the show. Also, on the top of the show, we thank you for joining us in the adventure that is Twitter, and encourage you to tweet #SorryWilson to take one of Scott’s balls. That may have come out wrong. Quick shout-out to the guys over at Section 336, and their Night at the Yard event(1:30). The podcast is worth checking out, and you should definitely join them (and us!) for their event. You get a ticket, a shirt, and the opportunity to catch a game with people who are just as Orioles crazy as you are. The BEVys: Biggest Regression to the Norm As a reminder, we’ll be hosting The BEVys during the All Star break (3:30). Our first BEVy category is ‘Biggest Regression to the Norm.’ This award goes to the player who statheads and haters told you before the season "this guy can never do that again." Whose star has fallen back to the pack in the most meaningful way? Send us your nominees: Tweet your response to us with #BEVys Email us at Leave us your thoughts in comments below This is the Dawning of the Age of Gausmania So some kid got called up on Thursday (9:30)… What are we calling this phenomenon? The guys discuss the move, its permanence, and what the mark of success should be for Gausman in 2013. Then it’s on to Thursday’s start: what we liked, what we didn’t, and what does it all mean? From Pretender to Protestor Long-time listeners will remember our special "affection" for Kevin Gregg, who we deemed "The Protestor." Scott provides pretty compelling evidence that Jim Johnson has replaced him in that area (25:55). Jake fights his heart and his head, and the guys try to put some perspective on the most logical (or likely?) path forward. Is it time to change the picture? Battle of the Beltways Scott mocks Jake (a surprise?) for attending a fine DC academic institution(44:25). It’s that time again – the time where we pretend that O’s/Nats is a real rivalry worth paying attention (45:40). MASN needs to understand how much fans hate the "bring the MASN family together" nonsense during O’s/Nats broadcasts. The guys talk about the 4-game series, and Jake drags Scott into some MLB fashion (52:45). Actually, Scott gets more into it than usual, as he proposes some interesting ideas for Orioles camo: Tip of the cap to National Discourse - a Washington Nationals podcast run by our buddy Josh. Go check it out, if that’s… your thing. The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly Who had a great week? Who had a terrible week? Who made us ashamed to be Orioles fans? Find out in this week’s GB&U. The guys run through their Good, Bad, and Ugly (57:50). Listen to BEV on iTunes! You can find Bird’s Eye View all over the web, including iTunes. Be sure the check for the show, and leave us all sorts of favorable comments and ratings. Flattery will get you everywhere, you know. Contact Bird’s Eye View There’s plenty we got wrong in this episode. Be sure to tell us exactly how. Tweet @birdseyeviewbal Bird’s Eye View on Facebook

Battle of the Uniforms championship round: Orioles vs. Cardinals

ESPN has been doing a battle of the best uniforms, and the Orioles are in the championship round against the Cardinals. Go vote for the O's!

Bird's Eye View - Episode 34 - Back from the Wild Wild West

Leading Off Fresh off a 11-game road trip, and a brutal 20-game stretch without a break, the Orioles and their weary fans can take breather with an off day, and a brief homestand. Here on the podcast, we start (as always) with The Brian Roberts Watch (1:40) followed by a trip to the Medical Wing (2:30). A Chris Davis scare and Miguel Gonzalez’s blister are the only real updates. We take a time-out to tell you about a great Orioles podcast called Baltimorons. Jake and Scott made an appearance on the Baltimorons podcast which will be posted on Wednesday. We encourage you to go check out Sam and Alan’s fine work – their unique perspective as O’s fans "in abstentia" is can’t-miss stuff. These guys "get" being Orioles fans, and make talking about the Birds fun (8:25). Thanks, again, Baltimorons! Look for Sam and Alan on Bird’s Eye View next week! The Wild, Wild West Scott does his best DJ Jazzy Jeff (11:28), as we review the Orioles’ West Coast trip. The Birds are winning games against the teams that helped decide the fate of the AL East in 2012 (15:10). Wins are good, mkay? The run differential is up from last year, too, so there’s that… Despite how it felt at the time, this was a pretty good road trip (16:25). The games they lost were devastating, but the overall performance was exactly what you need for a extended road trip. Freddy Garcia gave us hope that the 5th starter carousel may be slowing down (19:48). Where do the Orioles stack up against the rest of the AL (21:55)? This trip goes a long way to setting them up to stand with the postseason contenders. Hopefully the Birds can get fat on the Blue Jays the way the AL West will beat up on Houston. Potpourri Our potpourri segment returns, with a look at items that don’t necessarily belong together, but that don’t belong anywhere else. We run down: Whether Roberto Alomar is a legit Orioles HOF (28:42) Jake Arrieta’s essential media rage (32:45) The Next Knuckler: Zach Clark (36:37) Chase Utley? (40:00) The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly The guys run down their list of the Birds who had the best, the worst, and the most unbearable weeks(43:49).

Bird's Eye View - Episode 33 - The Audacity of Strop

Leading Off The show is a little heavier at the top than normal. We actually have something to talk about in The Brian Roberts Watch (1:45), and the Medical Wing fills up a bit more (3:00). The guys express their great "affection" for West Coast baseball (7:35), and ask themselves "when do we start caring about the standings (9:55) ?" The Audacity of Strop Apparently, the show has changed formats to where the guys pick a pitcher to beat like a pinata (12:30). This week’s topic is Pedro Strop: deadly weapon for the Dominican Republic, just deadly for the Orioles. The Surgeon General warns not to play the Kevin Gregg Drinking Game while listening to this segment. Jake and Scott flip their usual apologist/cynic roles on this one – you have no idea how difficult it was to avoid a "roleplay reference here." We include a tip of the hat to Roch Kubatko over at for his insightful rant that said everything we’ve been thinking (21:20). Roster Moves It’s been an interesting week on the roster front (24:50). Here’s a rundown of the faces we’ve seen moving in, moving out… Alex Burnett Josh Stinson Zach Britton Luis Exposito Chris Snyder (we cheated, he won’t appear until Tuesday) What about Freddy Garcia and Jair Jurjens (31″56)? These guys are piching lights-out in AAA, and can opt out of their contracts soon. The Orioles risk getting nothing for them (other than the satisfaction of knowing they facilitated an audition for the rest of the league) if they don’t pull the trigger and make a roster move. The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly The guys run down their list of the Birds who had the best, the worst, and the most unbearable weeks(38:05).

Bobby Grich Was The Victim of Some Bad Baseball Cards and Some Even Worse Hall of Fame Voting

I came across this article on Bobby Grich's baseball reference page. I know he played longer for the Angels but being a fan of both teams, I can appreciate players like Grich, Baylor, Ford, Aase, and DeCinces from that era.

Bird's Eye View - Episode 31 - Bubblegate and Beyond

Leading Off We start by taking a moment to recognize the events that took place today – the terrible events that took place at the Boston Marathon. Say what you will about Boston, for its sports (and Lord knows we have), but tihs transcends rivalries. Jake and Scott make a plea for thoughts, prayers, and support (1:10). Moving on to actual O’s content, the guys review The Brian Roberts Watch (4:45). and the Medical Wing (5:25). Stupid Arguments Baltimore sports fans are capable of tremendous stupidity (6:00). This week, people actually debated whether Adam Jones dropped that ball because he was chewing bubble gum. Really? Are we doing this? Really (6:45)? The other stupid argument from this week was which backup second baseman is worse (11:30)? Alexi Casilla and Ryan Flaherty are doing their best to make an argument for who is the best/worse option to replace the injured Brian Roberts. Bullpen Gets Its Swagger Back The bullpen has gotten back to its 2012 form (21:00). After the first week of games, we all wondered if the bullpen could get back to the level that made them so scary last year. The Birds’ bullpen has responded by making opposing hitters’ life miserable. The guys go through the ‘pen, from Johnson (24:30) to the forgotten man – Patton (34:45). Potpourri Here are the items that didn’t fit into any other categories: Connor Jackson retires (38:00) Wait, WHAT? Jackson was the last ML cut, and he was bound to make the roster at some point this season. Connor Jackson’s retirement comes as a great surprise. He said that he simply lost the love of the game… Buck Showalter indicated that there might be more to the story, but we’ll have to wait until Jackson is willing to comment himself.E Earl Weaver celebration (39:45) The celebration for Earl Weaver has been moved from 2:00pm top 6:00pm. This accommodates ticket holders from the 7:00 ballgame who want to take part in the celebration. Unfortunately, it also shuts some fans out from a celebration of a great Baltimore sports figure. The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly The guys go through the players they want to praise and call out from the week’s games. Who makes the list, and who gets a free pass (45:30)? Feel Free to Share Your Feedback! Comment on the show notes, below. Email us directly at Click on our Social Media links above and to the right. Check us out on iTunes! You can also listen to Bird’s Eye View on iTunes. Be sure to rate the show, and leave a comment to let us know what you think.

Conor Jackson retires...

Transactions: OF Conor Jackson has retired. OF Lew Ford promoted from Bowie. RHP Alex Burnett activated. RHP Rob Delaney to Frederick.— Norfolk Tides (@NorfolkTides) April 14, 2013

Norfolk Tides...

Bird's Eye View - Episode 30

Leading Off The 2013 season is finally here! It’s nice to be able to talk about real baseball. It’s a sad day for The Brian Roberts Watch (01:33), and the guys take a run through the Medical Wing (04:03), and the roster in general. The O’s pulled a trade today, sending Luis Ayala to the Braves for a minor league arm (05:21). Opening Day Opening Day at Camden Yards has that extra dose of Orioles Magic (09:58). How did 2012 compare to previous years? The ceremonial first pitch was pretty weak (14:10). The Ravens’ refusal to participate in Opening Day was pretty bush league (15:08). Buck has a ton of respect for Earl Weaver (15:06). Get a Grip on Reality! It’s only been 7 games. Some fans are ready to jump off a cliff (19:02), others are in full apology mode – others are sure the Birds will still win 100 games. Are any of them right? What kind of assessments can you actually make this early in the season? Jake and Scott lay out the case for both sides, and try to bring some reason to the discussion (21:43). Pitching Woes and Lineup Ups/Down This team needs more innings from its starters. A quick look at the first run through the rotation (or so) and how each starter looked(21:00). The bullpen has had its moments, too, but the early going has shown us that they can’t be as good as the all-world 2012 bullpen. Manny Macahdo and other lineup considerations (31:00). The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly is back for the first time in 2013(38:20)! Jake and Scott reveal the players that made their list in the first 7 games.

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