Thursday Bird Droppings

Harry How

Before we delve into the links, I want to take a minute to address off-season conduct. It was about this time last year when I wrote up a post on it, and most of those things still apply today. The bottom line, just as it was last year, is don't be a jerk. Since our community is based around baseball, when there is little baseball to discuss things tend to get crazy. Open threads are for off-topic discussion, but I won't tolerate hostility or jerkiness. And keep in mind that if you're someone who stops in every day, these things can snowball.

I know that it's not common practice for the internet, but please just think before you type, and keep the guidelines in my linked post in mind, especially when it's a hot button topic. There has already been a bit of antagonizing in the open threads that I would prefer stop.

OK, lecture over. On to the links:

Camden Depot: Trade Target: Giancarlo Stanton
Jeremy Strain debates the idea of trading for Giancarlo Stanton. I'd love to have him on the team, but I can't see it happening in a million years.

Is Mike Pelfrey a Risk Worth Taking | Baltimore Sports and Life
Lance Rinker advocates for an incentive-laden contract for the likely to be non-tendered Mike Pelfrey.

DeCinces Faces Criminal Charges Tied to Allegation of Insider Trading on Advanced Medical | Orange County Business Journal
Doug DeCinces is in more trouble related to insider trading.

PressBox: Key Priorities For Orioles At MLB Winter Meetings
Stan the Fan talks about the needs faced going into the winter meetings.

Orioles have some interest in bringing back Koji Uehara -
Dan Duquette is interested in both Koji Uehara and Kyuji Fujikawa, continuing in his plan to sign all the Asians.

School of Roch: Jim Duquette talks Hamilton and Reynolds, Dan Duquette talks pitching depth
Quotes from two Duquettes from yesterday's Mid-Atlantic Sports Report.

Also, one story I didn't link to because I'm not interested in sending over the pageviews asks, "Should the Orioles trade Brian Roberts while he's healthy?" 1) Brian Roberts is healthy? 2) As of 2012 he has a full no-trade clause.

Happy birthday to Guillermo Quiroz and Mariano Rivera.

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