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Adrian Coxson Leaving UF


Is this Meyer opening up schollys or are these commits all becoming "homesick" all of the sudden? Either way, I thought he should have went to Penn State anyway. Whats going down in Hogtown?

Kimmie Meissner Withdraws From Grand Prix Events; Olympic Bid Likely Dashed


Former world champion Kimmie Meissner has withdrawn from her two scheduled Grand Prix events, Rostelecom Cup and NHK Trophy, due to knee problems, according to SunSentinel.com. The fact that she...

Article on Dorothy Hamill's Skating Camp


Here is a Baltimore Sun article on the lovely Dorothy Hamill and her skating camp for adults. It sounds like fun! Wish I had $4,800 lying around.... The article also mentions Hamill's upcoming...

Meissner Gets a Bye to Nationals


Technically, former World Champion Kimmie Meissner was supposed to have to qualify for the U.S. Nationals this year by skating a regional event in early October. Technically, Meissner missed the...

Kimmie Meissner and Regional Competitions?


A while back I blogged on this Baltimore Sun article about Kimmie Meissner. It ended with this graf: Before she can set her sights on the Grand Prix season, however, Meissner and coaches Richard...



Because I do not read enough, I was not aware of the following important deadlines: September 1: The date when Michelle Kwan absolutely has to decide whether to participate in Skate America (per B...

Meissner Surprised by Grand Prix Selections


Former world champion Kimmie Meissner is a bit surprised at having received two Grand Prix invitations, according to the Baltimore Sun. It was a tad generous to Meissner, who placed eighth in both...

Cohen Likely for Skate America; Triple/Triples Possible?


Baltimore Sun reported that U.S. Figure Skating Director David Raith said it's a "logical assumption" that Sasha Cohen will be competing in Skate America in the fall. The selections for that...

Kimmie Meissner Shouldn't Give Up, Says Baltimore Sun


The Baltimore Sun has an article about why former world champion Kimmie Meissner shouldn't give up hope in her skating career, despite a very shaky run that was highlighted last weekend in a poor...

The Sun doesn't know the difference between Jeffrey Hammonds and Damon Buford


Nice to see that cutting 60% of your staff in 10 years does nothing to hurt the quality of your work. Seriously, guys? EDIT: I'm willing to bet that the photo comes from this game. June 25 vs. the Yankees, Damon scores the winning run in the bottom of the 10th on a walkoff walk. That took me about two minutes to find on B-R.

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