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This Week in Baseball Season 1: Episode 14


Episode 14 of TWIB '77 features historic base stealing, historic indifference to the pain of others, and Ralph Houk crowned as King of the Crazy Managers!


20 Questions About The End Of The NBA Lockout

The NBA lockout is over, but questions remain. In fact, there are 20 questions that we must answer right now, because failing to do so will leave holes in our hearts where Vince Carter used to live.

Comcast, Warriors Announce NBADL's Dakota Wizards 16 Game TV Schedule


Even though there's no NBA, there still is NBADL action! Check out the Warriors affiliate, the Dakota Wizards, 16 game TV schedule of Comcast

NBA Lockout Talks Keep On Plugging, And We Keep On Waiting

The next time someone complains about how boring the regular season can be, remind them of the NBA lockout. Also: why the players are fighting so hard against limits on the use of the mid-level...

No Deal, But No "Reset" Either; Players, NBA To Resume Negotiations In New York Thursday


The NBA and the Players Association met for 12 hours on Wednesday. The bad news is that they still haven't reached a deal. The good news is that the NBA is freezing it's timeline in regard to a...

NBA Lockout Talks Make Progress, May End Friday According to David Stern


NBA Lockout talks make progress After 7 and a half hours of talks on THursday.

David Stern Hopeful NBA Lockout Could End Friday


David Stern Hopeful NBA Lockout Could End Friday after strong negotiations on Thursday...

David Stern Thinks Lockout Could End Friday


David Stern Thinks Lockout Could End Friday...Do you?

NBA claims that the NBPA proposed a no salary cap system; NBPA claims that Mark Cuban proposed it


Apparently during the mediation sessions, the MLB concept of a luxury tax threshold was discussed. Billy Hunter claims that Mavs owner Mark Cuban proposed this idea first. The NBA says that the NBPA started it. I am totally against this concept and I don't care who started it. No NBA versions of Shabtai von Kalmanovich allowed, please! That is a potentially scary situation indeed for many teams in the league.

SfS - That long black cloud is comin' down

The war of words has escalated. There's a reason people don't trust a federal mediator. It's the reason people say Washington is broken, not that it isn't necessarily, but the two sides have been saying it for so long, that it's simply become the accepted law of the land. Billy Hunter and David Stern understand, they've been tearing each other down for decades.
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