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Camden Chat Roundtable Part 2: After Trembley


This is the conclusion of the chat that took place upon word of Dave Trembley's release. Topics covered include candidates for manager and hitting coach, Andy MacPhail past, present and...

The Diamond Dave Era Ends: 2007-2010


It's official, Dave Trembley has been relieved of his duties as manager of the Baltimore Orioles. The team's press conference introducing Juan Samuel as the interim manager will take place at 2:30...

Camden Chat Roundtable: The end of the Trembley era


Members of Camden Chat discuss the Orioles and their future now that Dave Trembley is gone.

Tony LaRussa's idea that's so wacky...IT JUST MIGHT WORK!


Tony LaRussa, desperate for arms, wants to borrow pitchers from the Baltimore Orioles. Hey, I said desperate.

"They gotta pitch deeper into games!"


This is the prevailing thought of Ol' Clench Jaw, the one thing he seems to yammer on about more than all other potential thoughts on why the team has struggled. I know what you might be thinking....

A's 2, O's 1: We're terrible


via d.yimg.com I've said this before, and I'll say it again, I'm sure. It's one thing to come into this season with low expectations, and knowing the team is going to compete for Worst Team in...

Mariners 4, O's 2: That was stupid, Dave.


I said the same thing (more harshly and with more "f-words") in the comments of the game thread, but let me say it now. Of all the times for Dave Trembley to not go to the bullpen, he chooses a 2-2...

O's 6, Yankees 0: A-ha. A-ha-ha-ha.


The New York Yankees just aren't very good. I know this happens every April, the Yankees start slow and get warm with the weather, but I like to take the time to gloat while I can. Plus, it's...

Adam Loewen's Case


via d.yimg.com  "Loewen was pitching against a good line-up and it says a lot about him and the improvements he has made by shutting them down after the first inning." --Dave Trembley It's a...

O's 4, Jays 3: First place remains Birdland


via d.yimg.com Matt Albers got the job done in a spot start and George Sherrill picked up a shaky sixth save on the season as the Birds remained in first place with a 4-3 win over Toronto. The O's...

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