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This Week In Baseball Season 1: Episode 17


TWIB '77 reaches its finale with the hotly contested AL East battle and a look back on all the craziness of its first year.

This Week in Baseball Season 1: Episode 14


Episode 14 of TWIB '77 features historic base stealing, historic indifference to the pain of others, and Ralph Houk crowned as King of the Crazy Managers!

This Week In Baseball Season One Recaps: Episode 6


Our recaps of This Week in Baseball '77 continue as Mel Allen lobbies for The Bird, Cleveland has a premature celebration, and the Mets singlehandedly destroy baserunning.

Nats' Davey Johnson On The Passing Of Earl Weaver


Washington Nationals' manager Davey Johnson played for Earl Weaver with the Baltimore Orioles between 1968-72 and even last year as Johnson led the Nats to the NL East crown, he repeatedly called...


RIP the Duke of Earl

Earl Weaver passes away at 82

Orioles legend Earl Weaver has passed away.

This Week In Baseball, Season 1 Recaps: Episode 1


MLB quietly released the first season of This Week in Baseball. I am loudly recapping it. Here is episode one.

The Earl Weaver Effect, Part II: Stolen Base Edition


The Earl Weaver Effect, Part II: Stolen Base Edition. Oddly enough, Weaver stole 47% more than the rest of the AL the first year of the DH.

The Earl Weaver Effect, Part I: Bunting Edition


The Earl Weaver Effect: Bunting Edition



At least he characterized the Brain Paradox: "That is precisely what the Giants will need from their bench in 2010 as they field one of the slower lineups in the majors. In fact, one of the biggest drawbacks to the way they were built is their inability to run while, at the same time, they must manufacture runs because they lack power." I still don't understand how a crew (except Torres) that is not particularly good at stealing or even running bases is going to change the above equation. I'm glad he's still talking to Fred, but I'm not going to be deceived into thinking he will be here. Fool me once, fool me twice, won't get fooled again.

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