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Terry Ryan and the Creation of Pitching Staffs

Community member kedelbro looks at Minnesota's recent draft history when it comes to developing Major League pitchers. It's not difficult to guess what it looks like, but just how bad is it?

Uehara, Benoit, & relievers throwing splitters


With numerous high-leverage relievers throwing splitters in the 2013 playoffs, let's put the pitch under a spotlight. What are the pros and cons?

Clayton Kershaw is your 2013 NL Cy Young leader


The last time a Dodgers lefty dominated hitters like Clayton Kershaw is was 1966. Kershaw's miniscule ERA should not be chalked up to luck, and it should be recognized with his second Cy Young trophy.

Why Doesn't Stephen Strasburg Dominate Lefties?


Stephen Strasburg is better against righties than any other starter. His platoon splits are unusually large, though. What can he do to even them out?

Is Spring Training Too Long? Too Short?


Is Spring Training structured with the best intentions of the players, the coaches, or the organizations in mind? Could it use a makeover?

Arizona Baseball Week 1 Grades


The Arizona Wildcats opened the 2013 season 4-1 behind dominant pitching performances and timely hitting throughout the lineup. Here are our grades for how the first week went.


Hoch's 2012 Splits

Rummaging thru the 2012 splits on Good Luke/Bad Luke provided a series of insights into his bipolar pitching: -Had 16 Good Luke starts, and 16 Historically Bad Luke starts. -Three starts with 6+...


Pitching Perspective...

The Royals pitching has been awful the entire year - with J. Sanchez and half of Luke's starts getting the most attention. However, some interesting stats suggest things may not have been as bad...


The Pirates "Collapse" Part I: The Pitching

From April till the end of July the Pittsburgh Pirates looked like playoff contenders, and on July 31st their record stood at 59-44. They had just added Wandy Rodriguez, Gaby Sanchez,...


Pitching Coors Field

How to Pitch in Coors Field

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