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Rich Hill the Oriole: Pretty sneaky, Andy


Rich Hill is an Oriole, continuing Baltimore front office chief Andy MacPhail's dream of acquiring every failing Cubs prospect to ever live.

Your newest Oriole: Felix Pie


Thoughts on the Orioles' newest acquisition, outfielder Felix Pie.


Olson for Pie

Per Ken Rosenthal, looks like we have someone to start in left while Luke is at DH and Huff plays first. Well someone other than Ryan Freel, I guess..  I'm not in love with Pie (the player) at all...

CoOkInG oN tHe HoT sToVe


Free Agents can begin talking to other teams this Friday, and Yahoo has a nifty list of Free Agents that will be updated as the off season progresses. I'll be glad when Teixeira is signed somewhere...


Red Sox pick up Paul Byrd

Boston Herald The Red Sox get Byrd for a player to be named OR cash. Byrd is 7-10, 4.53/1.30 this season for Cleveland. With Wakefield going on the DL, Byrd helps them keep a full rotation they...

BREAKING: Griffey headed to White Sox


It's not 100% official yet, as Griffey could veto the trade, but his wish to play for a contender may be coming true. Ken Rosenthal (I know, I know) is reporting that a deal is in place to send...

Teixeira's Island: A round-up of the trade news and rumors


With Gilligan... The Mark Teixeira deal is by far the most important that has actually happened so far, and even if you know who gets you know what to you know where, it'll be the deal that has...


Mark Teixeira Traded To Angels

He's been traded for Casey Kotchman and another player, possibly Stephen Marek as mentioned by Lyle Spencer of mlb.com. So, what does this mean for Tex this off season?  Does he resign with the...

Sabathia likely headed to Milwaukee


Will C.C. and the Prince make for the fattest teammates in the league? In baseball history? It's an interesting thing to ponder.


Cintron to the DL, 'Shoes' called up

Well, that idea didn't last long. Roch is reporting that Cintron has been placed on the DL and Freddie 'Shoes' Bynum's contract has been purchased. This is kind of cruel.  Bynum was just...

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