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Sunday Bird Droppings: Where the offseason is feeling very long

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Saturday’s Bird Droppings: Where Birdland misses Earl Weaver

In O’s news: Mullins is ready for a challenge, Susac is outrighted and Brocail is revered.

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Orioles pitching coach Doug Brocail didn’t have a lot of success in Texas

Brocail spent three years as pitching coach in Texas. While he wasn’t the person throwing pitches, the results weren’t favorable.

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Friday Bird Droppings: Where Chris Davis says he’s working hard

The Orioles’ high-priced disappointment is making some changes to his offseason routine. Will it make a difference?

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Past Orioles pitching coaches and their pupils have been a mixed bag

Reflecting on the Orioles’ history with starters and their pitching coaches shows it’s difficult to predict what to expect from new pitching coach Doug Brocail.

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Thursday Bird Droppings: Where the prospects are coming to FanFest

Without much present excitement, the Orioles will be adding prospects to the usual FanFest autograph sessions.

Several Orioles will have career-defining years in 2019

A rebuild may require patience, but several Orioles must play like their careers depend on it in 2019. They do.

Wednesday Bird Droppings: Where it’s Mark Trumbo’s birthday!

Also, the Orioles have selected a new pitching coach and Buck Showalter sold his house.

A few Orioles stand to benefit from the team’s changing pitching philosophy

Since 2012, only the Pirates have thrown more fastballs than the Orioles. As the organization modernizes, so too should its personnel.

Tuesday Bird Droppings: Where we’re wondering where Manny will end up

While the O’s are making minor waiver claims and filling out their staff, the most prominent ex-Oriole is still looking for a home.

Does it really matter who coaches the Orioles in 2019?

The O’s will have an all-new coaching staff this season.

MLB Trade Rumors

Monday Bird Droppings: Where the Orioles may have a coaching staff soon

Are you all shoveled out of yesterday’s snow? The Orioles are lurching towards having a coaching staff. Exciting!

Sunday Bird Droppings: Where it’s a snow day!

It’s snowing!

Saturday’s Bird Droppings: Where the Orioles are back in Sarasota

Actual baseball draws near!

Orioles settle on 2019 contracts with their three arbitration-eligible players

There won’t be any arbitration hearings for the Orioles in Mike Elias’s first winter on the job.

Camden Yards becoming a concert venue has meaning being beyond a night of music

Billy Joel is playing the first concert in Camden Yards’ history. There are reasons for Orioles fans who aren’t fans of music to be interested in this.

Friday Bird Droppings: Where Billy Joel is coming to Camden Yards

The Orioles have reeled in a Hall of Famer!

Cobb and Mancini are bounce back candidates for the 2019 Orioles

Alex Cobb and Trey Mancini were two Orioles with strong second halves in 2018, offering promise for a better overall 2019.

Thursday Bird Droppings: Where it’s the anniversary of a bad trade

Today in 1991, the Orioles traded for Glenn Davis. Oops! Today in 2019, there’s not much going on.

The gambling world expects the Orioles to be the worst team in MLB again

One sports book has set the Orioles over/under for 2019 wins at 59. They have the lowest number by far.

Competition should be the first theme of the Orioles rebuild

Several positions should be up for grabs early on in Baltimore. Every player from Chris Davis to the newly acquired Carlos Perez should prove if they can help the team win.

Wednesday Bird Droppings: Where the Orioles are making some minor moves

It may not be exciting, but it’s exactly what the O’s should be doing.

2019 will tell if Duquette’s fire sale did any good for the Orioles

Dan Duquette is gone, but his last gift lives on, for now. It’s a make or break year for many of the prospects he acquired.

Tuesday Bird Droppings: Where the Orioles are still collecting ex-Astros

The O’s signed a catcher who has previous ties with Mike Elias. Meanwhile, a couple of recently dismissed O’s personnel have found new gigs.

With Adam Jones likely gone, who will become the Orioles most prominent social media user?

The king of Orioles Twitter and Instagram may soon leave town. He must be replaced!

Monday Bird Droppings: Where it’s the Orioles turn now

The Ravens are out of the playoffs, so there’s nothing on the Baltimore professional sports calendar between now and Opening Day.


Sunday Bird Droppings: Where we’re watching the Ravens in the playoffs

The Orioles are making moves! They’re not very exciting through.

Zach Britton re-joins Yankees with 2-4 year contract

The former Orioles closer was traded to the Bronx in July and will be sticking around there a little while longer.

Saturday’s Bird Droppings: Where everyone is talking about the Orioles signing international free agents

Goodbye, Breyvic Valera. Hello, Austin Brice!

Cedric Mullins may be useful, but shouldn’t be the face of the Orioles’ rebuild

A new era of Orioles baseball started when Mullins replaced Adam Jones in center field. But Mullins doesn’t project as the leader of that era, and that’s fine.

Friday Bird Droppings: Where we’re still playing the waiting game

To quote Homer Simpson, "The waiting game sucks. Let’s play Hungry Hungry Hippos."

There’s reason to believe the Orioles will stick with current MLB trends

As Orioles fans going into 2019, we could see more of the shift and possibly even a bit of the opener.