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Yankees win AL East title

With a win at Boston and Cleveland's loss to the White Sox, the Yankees have clinched the AL East and their spot in the playoffs. Quite a turnaround. Quite a stomach-turning turnaround. More October Yankee baseball for Tim McCarver to squeal about.

At 94-67, the Red Sox are still a game up on Cleveland (93-68) for the wild card. If the Sox win tomorrow or the Indians lose, Boston's in. If the Indians win and the Sox lose, the two will play Monday. So either way the Red Sox are going to be alive for the playoffs after tomorrow, but Cleveland has to win and hope for a Red Sox loss. Torre said he'd be sitting some of his regulars tomorrow (including maybe giving Mussina some rest and starting Jaret Wright in his place), but with home field locked up I'm sure Ozzie Guillen will do the same.

Cleveland's got to be kicking themselves for dropping three games to the Royals and Devil Rays this week.