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Gameday Thread: O's at Rays, first day of October

     Rodrigo Lopez, RH             Mark Hendrickson, LH
     (14-12, 4.97)                 (11-7, 6.06)

Game time is 6:15 on WNUV.

A couple of guys with records they don't deserve, particularly Hendrickson, who has been horrible this season but can't do worse than 11-8. He hasn't lost a game since July 20, in fact, going 6-0 since that date even though he hasn't been all that good.

Lopez was either quite good or quite bad this season, never really getting into a serious rhythm. He gave up way too many hits overall (226 in 203 IP so far), and that was really his downfall. A guy that doesn't really have "stuff" needs to find a way around it, and Lopez didn't really do that this year.

O's won last night, and one more guarantees that they can't lose 90 this season.