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Playoffs Open Thread: NYY at LAA (5)

     Mike Mussina, RH              Bartolo Colon, RH
     (13-8, 4.41)                  (21-8, 3.48)
Game time is 8:05 on FOX.

Mussina was sharp in the first game, and has a career 14-8, 3.51/1.18 line against the Angels. Colon wasn't awful but he struggled in game one. Including that start, he's posted a 7.13 ERA against the Yankees in three starts this season. Here's his chance to erase those, but his back is still bothering him. Another thing for Mike Scioscia to worry about is the Los Angeles bullpen showing signs of fatigue in game four.

The Angels have got to get Finley out of the lineup, he is horrible.

Halos Heaven
Pinstripe Alley