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Thoughts on Flanagan

Thanks to birdman for getting the news up earlier. If you couldn't tell by my editor's note, I am a smidge unimpressed with this.

I like Mike Flanagan. Seems like a nice guy. Intelligent for sure, though I'm not sure it really applies to building a successful baseball team. He'll have his chance, I guess.

My problem with this is that the Orioles seem to want to spend money this offseason, if we're to believe the reports that have filtered through thus far. Not only spend money, but spend a lot of it.

Jim Beattie is out and I'm thrilled with that, because he's never been very successful and I think we all know (and knew) what he can and can't do. It'll all boil down now to how much of the 2004/2005 clubs were Beattie's ideas and how much were Flanagan's.

Look, it doesn't take a good GM to sign good players, so I'm not totally worried about that. But some GMs know how to fleece other teams in trade, and that's where you can really differentiate the men and the boys in the GM game.

I was hoping the Orioles would branch out and try to pick up a younger, more energetic, more idea-filled go-getter than Mike Flanagan would appear to be. And I want to stress that I don't have a problem with Flanagan, really, it's just that I was really hoping now would be the time they'd get away from the old boys' network and try to change the way this organization does business. It appears as though that will wait.

I know a lot of people are very supportive of staying within "the family" on these things, and that goes back to the old Oriole Way. But the way I see it, the Oriole Way is dead, and it would take years more losing to get back to how it used to be done in Baltimore, and there's no guarantee that that stuff will even work here again. To draft well, to scout well, all that stuff, you need the right people. Maybe these aren't the right people.

The game has changed a lot since the days of Earl Weaver. Hell, the game has changed a lot in Baltimore since the days of Davey Johnson.

As for Sam Perlozzo, I don't mind him staying. I wish both of these guys the best of luck, not only for them but for me. I know I'm not a member of the team, but by extension any fan sort of is. We're sick of losing. I think Perlozzo has the ability to be a winning manager. But no manager can cover for crappy players, so if you're going to give this man a job he obviously really wants, then back him up and give him the pieces to make the machine.

Maybe that Leo Mazzone pipe dream will come true. Probably not, but jeez, what if? We could start signing Jeff Weaver and getting a return on him with Mazzone Magic (I'm not usually into this stuff, but YOU argue with Leo Mazzone's track record, because I see no point).

I have my doubts, and they are serious doubts, but there's no point in crying over spilt milk and all that crap, because Mike Flanagan operates the Orioles and it looks like Sam Perlozzo is the manager. Let's get some damn players and win some damn games. LET'S GO O'S!