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LCS Open Thread: HOU at STL (1), LAA at CHW (2)

     Andy Pettitte, LH             Chris Carpenter, RH
     (17-9, 2.39)                  (21-5, 2.83)
Game time is 8:05 on FOX/FX.

A rematch of the great (and overlooked) 2004 NLCS. I felt really bad for the NLCS last year, because with the ALCS you had one of the great sports stories of all-time, and the NLCS was just seven games of fine baseball between a couple of good teams. I expect this one to go seven, too. Give me the Astros. Do it for Biggio.

Crawfish Boxes
Viva El Birdos

     Jarrod Washburn, LH           Mark Buehrle, LH
     (8-8, 3.20)                   (16-8, 3.12)
Game time is 8:05 on FOX/FX.

Halos Heaven
South Side Sox