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LCS Open Thread: STL at HOU (3), CHW at LAA (4)

     Matt Morris, RH                 Roger Clemens, RH
     (14-10, 4.11)                   (13-8, 1.87)
Game time is 4:05 on FOX.

The Astros are throwing their ace against arguably the worst of the St. Louis playoff starters. If the Astros don't win this game, they could be in trouble. St. Louis matches up far better in every other game than they do this one as far as the pitchers are concerned. On the other hand, it would be wise of the Rocket to show up in his man pants today, unlike game one of the NLDS.

Crawfish Boxes
Viva El Birdos

     Freddy Garcia, RH              Ervin Santana, RH
     (14-8, 3.87)                   (12-8, 4.65)
Game time is 7:35 on FOX.

This is almost must-win for the Angels. Tough spot to have Ervin Santana in, but the Angels threw Lackey in game seven of the World Series in 2002, so they've been in tougher.

Halos Heaven
South Side Sox