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Shakeups: Kenney out, Ellie sort of out, Crowley probably back

Source: AP (via Yahoo)

Orioles bullpen coach Elrod Hendricks will be given another job in the organization because of a mild stroke in April that forced him to miss 18 games.

The team said Monday it has not decided on the new position for the 64-year-old Hendricks. His 28-year coaching tenure is the longest in Orioles history.

"We determined that it is in Elrod's best interests not to go through the rigors of a full season of games and travel," Mike Flanagan, the Orioles' executive vice president for baseball operations, said Monday. "We are exploring ways for Elrod to continue to be an asset to the organization."


"Definitely, the hardest part will be not being on the field," Hendricks said. "That's what I know, that's what I've done for the past 44 years, and I did a good job while I was here."

There has been some rumor that Ellie was having a hard time getting along this season, and him letting that Sosa/Tejada story out was a little weird. Staying with rumor, Perlozzo may have wanted Hendricks out. He also has offered Rick Dempsey the bullpen coach position, which Dempsey is unsure of because he wants to be a manager.

The Orioles have also officially asked for permission to speak with Leo Mazzone, which is a good thing. In the same Sun story, it's noted that director of baseball administration Ed Kenney is also out, another guy that didn't quite agree with Flanagan's psychological testing mumbo jumbo. I have no idea whether or not I agree with it, because I don't know exactly what it entails or how much emphasis is really put on it.

Also, Jim Beattie will officially remain as a consultant.

*Also*, Perlozzo wants Terry Crowley back - this is one that I mildly disagree with, but it's not like Terry Crowley can teach Luis Matos to hit homers or make Chris Gomez into someone who needs to be playing first base with any sort of regularity.

There's still plenty more (Dempsey's decision, the status of Tom Trebelhorn and others, etc.) to come in the next few days or weeks. At least it's all being taken care of in October.