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Indians lose, BoSox take wild card

All that jive and we end up with the Yankees and Red Sox in the playoffs anyway. Good job, Cleveland.

If the Angels hang on to the 6-4 lead they have in Texas right now, the ALDS matchups will be NYY @ LAA and BOS @ CHW. Either way those are the matchups, but the Angels have to win and the Yankees have to lose for it to be home field for the Angels in the first round. The Red Sox are currently smashing the Yankees but good.

Over in the NL, Philly is up 7-3 on the Expos in the ninth, and Houston (who can clinch the wild card with a win) is up 6-4 on the Cubs in the seventh.

If you're wondering what you can expect to see here on the site for the next few weeks, I'll be covering the playoffs with open threads for the day's games because I always care about playoff baseball no matter what, and there'll be some season wrap-up stuff too. After the playoffs are over, I'll focus on the offseason happenings from around the league and such.