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Bad News for the White Sox

Actually, it's good news, if it's news at all.

According to my top-secret, space-age, "computer" calculations, the White Sox will beat the Astros in seven games, and Paul Konerko will be the World Series MVP. Also, the only Astro that will hit much of anything is Morgan Ensberg.

Top-Secret, Space-Age, "Computer" World Series
Game 1: Astros 4, White Sox 0
Game 2: Astros 2, White Sox 1 (12 innings)
Game 3: White Sox 2, Astros 1 (12 innings)
Game 4: White Sox 9, Astros 4
Game 5: White Sox 7, Astros 5 (11 innings)
Game 6: Astros 5, White Sox 1
Game 7: White Sox 5, Astros 2

Home teams lose until the seventh game. I would doubt that. Three extra innings games I could reasonably see happening, though.