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World Series Open Thread: Astros at White Sox (1)

     Roger Clemens, RH               Jose Contreras, RH
     (13-8, 1.87)                    (15-7, 3.61)
Game time is 7:30ish on FOX.

It is the grandest stage of them all, the Worldest of any Series. This is the third team Clemens has been to the World Series with, and the second for Contreras. They were teammates on the 2003 Yankees team that lost to the Marlins, and Contreras even pitched relief in the game that Clemens started, which at the time was supposedly Roger's last hurrah.

For Clemens, it's his sixth World Series (1986 with Boston and 1999-2001, 2003 with New York). His teams are 2-3 so far.

Crawfish Boxes
South Side Sox

ALSO - I'm going to start posting the MLB Awards tonight, but you'll have until probably gametime to get in a ballot if you still want to. The instructions to do so are a few posts down, just scroll.