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Whole Lotta Hate: News on Cashman, Theo and more steroids

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Source: AP

According to this story, the Yankees have offered Brian Cashman a three-year, $5 million deal. Cashman made $1.15 million this season.

Source: AP

According to this story, the Red Sox have offered Theo Epstein a deal for at least three yaers, worth about $1.2 million a year. And he's turned it down. The fact that Theo may move on, though I would doubt it and think the Red Sox will pony up to keep him, kind of makes you (or at least me) wish the Orioles hadn't just stuck with Flanagan.

The new copy of Sports Weekly apparently has the following piece of news (thanks to Deadspin):

An American League outfielder on a postseason team tested positive for steroids, according to his agent, but the player is appealing the results.

Here were the starting outfielders on American League postseason teams:

CHW: Scott Podsednik, Aaron Rowand, Jermaine Dye, Carl Everett

BOS: Manny Ramirez, Johnny Damon, Trot Nixon

NYY: Hideki Matsui, Bernie Williams, Gary Sheffield

LAA: Garret Anderson, Steve Finley, Vladimir Guerrero, Juan Rivera

More likely than any of those names, I'd guess it's someone like Adam Hyzdu or Melky Cabrera (not to accuse Adam Hyzdu or Melky Cabrera of anything whatsoever).