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McKeon resigns, Trammell fired

McKeon will take a job as an advisor. I have no real feeling on McKeon.

ESPN just reported that Alan Trammell was canned in Detroit, which isn't surprising, but arguably the most beloved player of the last 30 years of Tigers is now gone from the organization. Trammell was basically designed to fail. He's a good guy, a great guy even, and I liked him as a player. He had no managing experience and instead of a veteran coach to help him out, he brought in old pal Kirk Gibson as the bench coach. There was no real guiding hand there. And the Tigers have bad players.

Trammell's first season was that awful 43-119 campaign of 2003. The Tigers then went 72-90 in 2004. The ESPN guys (Bayless and Paige) argued that there were signs of life, and this and that. Well, not really. The Tigers went 71-91 this year. There were injuries, but injuries happen and you have to accept that. They weren't improving enough.

But that said, is this a position where you need to tell your fans to stick around? I don't know, I don't know Tiger fans well enough to judge whether or not they think Trammell should have been let go. Generally a firing like this is because of one of two things: (1) the manager just sucks and/or the players aren't interested in listening to him anymore, or (2) the organization needs to make a move that shows that "things will change," or at least gives the perception of it.

Tram was a Tiger to the bone, though. And I think the Detroit fans liked him. Maybe they didn't, I don't know. I don't know if he'll ever manage again, but I'd have to think he will somewhere. Maybe he can take a job as a coach somewhere and work his way back up the ladder.

I guess the bottom line is the Tigers were 186-300 over Trammell's three seasons, and sure, 119 of those losses were in one year, but they still lost 90 and 91 the next two. They were never a good team.