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Free Agents

Lots of people have filed for free agency (115 players last I saw).

From the O's: Marrero (bye), Palmeiro (cram it, moustache), BJ Ryan (awww, but expected), Grimsley (later, dude)

Highlights from elsewhere: Brian Giles, Konerko, Trevor Hoffman, Tom Gordon, Millwood, Matt Morris, AJ Burnett, Kenny Rogers, Billy Wagner, Bob Wickman, Jacque Jones, Mike Piazza, Reggie Sanders, Octavio Dotel, Todd Jones, Tim Worrell

I wouldn't mind seeing Konerko with orange letters on his chest next year, but I highly doubt it. I'd love to see Leo Mazzone work with both Burnett and Morris. Brian Giles would fit nicely into one of our vacant, useless corner outfield spots. You can do worse than Jacque Jones in center, where he'd play for most teams, but most teams don't have Torii Hunter and his reputation.

Anyone you want to see Baltimore really go after? Let's just count Konerko out, that seems very unlikely.