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Around the League

Theo Epstein and the Red Sox have reportedly agreed to a three-year contract. It'll be close to the $1.5 million a year he wanted. (Boston Globe)

The Dodgers, flipping their lid, will interview former Jays, Mariners and O's GM Pat Gillick for their vacant GM position. (AP)

The Arizona Diamondbacks have hired Red Sox assistant GM Josh Byrnes to take over as their general manager. (AP)

Hall of Fame Go-Go Sox catcher Al Lopez died at the age of 97. He was the oldest living Hall of Famer. (AP)

To replace Leo Mazzone, the Braves have hired former Rock n' Jock Softball star Roger McDowell as their pitching coach. All I know about McDowell's credentials is that when he was being brought up as a candidate for Seattle's pitching coach spot, the folks at Lookout Landing weren't exactly thrilled. (AP)