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More free agent filings

Along with Sosa, Everett and Blum, here's a list of other guys:

Rafael Furcal, SS, ATL
Kyle Farnsworth, RP, ATL
Byung-Hyun Kim, SP/RP, COL
Bobby Higginson, "OF", DET
Dan Wilson, C, SEA
Mike Myers, RP, BOS
Jose Vizcaino, IF, HOU

I love The Farns but he would give me heart attacks, I fear. Plus he has a tendency to go into some serious bouts of crapitis, and as much as I'd love to see a bench-clearing brawl where Kyle Farnsworth and Steve Kline come charging out of the bullpen to join the chaos, I just don't think I could handle Kyle Farnsworth on my team.

The other day I was trying to figure out if Rafael Furcal could play center field. He's quick, he's got a good arm, and he'd be a nice No. 2 hitter. A Roberts/Furcal/Mora/Tejada top of the lineup could do some damage. It's not that they're all that great or anything, but with Roberts and Furcal at the top, you have great speed (and good basestealers) followed by solid bats. Roberts and Furcal both also have a little pop. But then, after about an hour of debating whether or not Furcal could play center field, I decided he'd never sign somewhere he wasn't going to play shortstop. He can play second base. Maybe he could play third. Maybe we could move Mora to 1B and put Furcal at third. Right??

Maybe I'm an idiot and should stop trying to fit Rafael Furcal into our team.