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Tigers to hire Leyland, Tracy parts with Dodgers

Dear Mr. Peter Angelos,


Your friend,

I am a big Jim Tracy supporter. He got a lot out of not a whole lot with the Dodgers until this season.

The Tigers appear set to hire Jim Leyland as Alan Trammell's replacement. Leyland hasn't managed since 1999, which was two years after he won the World Series with the Rent-A-Player Marlins in 1997. Barry Bonds and Co. gave Leyland three division titles from 1990-92 in Pittsburgh (where he managed 1986-96), but outside of those years and the Mercenary Marlins, he had only one winning season in his 14-year managerial career.

So, no, I don't think Jim Leyland is a great hire for Detroit. Nice man, though.