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Quick reads from around the league

  • Jake Peavy is out for the rest of the postseason, which pretty much finishes any inkling of a prayer the Padres thought they had.
  • Cleveland is going to offer AL ERA champion Kevin Millwood a multiyear deal. Millwood pitched on a one-year deal this season and was fantastic with no run support. I bring this up just about every time Millwood comes up here, but seriously, it's bizarre. Kevin Millwood is great every three years, and the rest of the time not so much: 4.03, 4.08, 2.68, 4.66, 4.31, 3.24, 4.01, 4.85, 2.86. I liked Millwood last offseason as a one-year guy, but now I say stay away. Let someone else deal with a Kevin Millwood that isn't pitching for a contract.
  • John Hart stepped down as GM of the Rangers, ending a highly successful run in Texas. 28-year old Jon Daniels becomes the new youngest GM in MLB history, beating out Theo Epstein by 10 months at the time of their starts.
  • The Tigers hired Leyland, and I still think it's a bad idea for them, but who cares? If they give him great players he will no doubt win some games, since that's his career.