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Wednesday PM (Kind Of) Round-Up: Bauer, Suppan, Huff, Mench, more

Check out jprevas' diary for Palmeiro's "explanation" of his positive steroids test. Shut up already, Raffy.

Cox and Guillen won the manager awards.

Say it ain't so! Rick Bauer has left us so alone, signing a minor league deal with the Rangers. Maybe Bauer can still turn out to have a decent career, but it'll be in middle relief I'd suspect. He's just not very good.

Rocco Baldelli will sign an extension with Tampa Bay that could keep him with the Rays through 2011. There will be option years from 2009-2011 in the deal, which could be worth $33 million total if it goes all the way. It's a calculated risk by Tampa Bay. Baldelli is a fine talent but has never been that good, but if you consider that at $33 million total for what could total six years, it's not a bad idea to lock Baldelli up. If he sucks, he could be gone after 2008. I think it's a good move. If he pans out and becomes a star player, they've got him at reasonable money.

The Cardinals picked up Jeff Suppan's option. They did not pick up Larry Walker's. Suppan will make $4 million next year. That's like a CD with one of those The Nice Price stickers. A lot of them are crap, but a lot of them are also Bob Dylan. Suppan is really neither. What the hell am I talking about?

The Red Sox have promised to explore trading Manny. Send him over. We'll give you Beattie straight up.

The Blue Jays and Rangers are reportedly in talks on a three-player deal. The trade would send Kevin Mench to Toronto in exchange for Miguel Batista and either Alex Rios or Brandon League.

Omar Minaya wants to trade for Aubrey Huff and Danys Baez. Don't we all? Huff could end up being a key part of any possible Manny to the Mets deal.

Bud Selig still doesn't want instant replay. Who cares?