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Friday Round-Up: Clemens, Vazquez, The Farns, Hudson, Millwood, more

The final seven players have filed for free agency, beating the deadline. Roger Clemens is among them, along with John Olerud, Tim Salmon, Russ Springer, Wilson Alvarez, Felix Heredia and Shingo Takatsu. Lotta old folks.

Diamondbacks starter Javier Vazquez filed a formal trade demand, which gaves Arizona until March 15 to send him somewhere. If he's not dealt and doesn't withdraw the demand, he's a free agent.

Does Vazquez fit the O's? I'd say yes. He had some solid seasons in Montreal and was becoming a good power pitcher (241 K in 2003), along with a workhorse. He fell apart mechanically in New York under Stottlemyre's supervision, but he showed some signs of life in Arizona this year. He posted a respectable ERA and WHIP (4.42/1.25) and good strikeout numbers again (191 K, 215 2/3 IP). It's not even about having Mazzone, really. It's that Vazquez is a talented pitcher and 29 years old. Having Mazzone certainly wouldn't hurt, of course, but I don't want to start basing all of our pitching acquisitions on having Leo Mazzone and him having to fix everyone, either. What I want is good pitchers, like Leo had with Glavine, Maddux and Smoltz for so many years. I think Vazquez can still be a very good pitcher.

Kyle Farnsworth's agent says the Yankees and Mets have both expressed interest. That's just what Kyle Farnsworth needs, New York media attention. I guess he'd be fine with the Mets, but the Yankee experience seems like it would drive him up a wall.

Kevin Millwood is thinking he doesn't want to stay in Cleveland, as they are being responsible about any deal with him, and his agent, the wonderful Scott Boras, has him thinking he should get five years. And if he can get it, why wouldn't he? Cleveland wants to give him three. I'd give him no more than three. Millwood's every three years stuff bothers me for the next two that are about to happen. I wanted him last offseason, this offseason I'm not nearly as excited.

The Royals are interested in Orlando Hudson. Hudson is quite a good second baseman and not the worst hitter you'll ever see.

The Rangers and Padres have been talking turkey in regard to Adam Eaton. You would almost think the Rangers didn't learn a damn thing from Chan Ho Park being a product of Dodger Stadium. Eaton had a 3.46 ERA at PETCO this year, and a 5.09 ERA on the road. Put him in Arlington, it'd probably be worse than 5.09. There's also the fact that he's injury-prone. Texas can certainly use pitchers, but Adam Eaton? In Texas? Get oooooooooooout.