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Quiet weekend

Not much happened this weekend. Not much is happening today.

Couple of diaries posted in the last couple days (and thanks for those) by zknower and merdon addressed the only things I had to report: that the A's may be shopping Zito, and Palmeiro and Sosa will absolutely not be back next season. Plus, Nomar Garciaparra is willing to play other positions. The only open IF position is first base, and though Nomar can hit the hell out of the ball when he's healthy, he wouldn't be my first choice to man the cold corner by a longshot.

The idea that the O's are interested in Frank Thomas provided he gets healthy is interesting to me. Big Frank can still murder the ball, and he gets on base. Again, when he's healthy. The contract would assumedly be short (two years, tops) and loaded with incentives, which seems worth it to me (if he's healthy).

Here are the few other newsbits from around the league:

The Devil Rays plan to hire Angels bench coach Joe Maddon for their managerial position. The official announcement should come tomorrow, apparently.

Rafael Furcal wants $50 million for five or six years. Apparently the Yankees have inquired as to whether or not he'd be interested in playing center field.

Former O's outfielder John Shelby has been hired by Jim Tracy to be the Pirates' first base and outfield coach.