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Big Ugly Elephant in the Room

This has been vaguely touched on by some of you, and it's been on my mind but I've avoided bringing it up for two reasons:

  1. I do not want to seem like I'm accusing Miguel Tejada of anything.
  2. There's no proof of much of anything, just speculation. But we are entitled to that.
The question: Does it seem peculiar to you that Miguel Tejada went into a power-sapped slump after Rafael Palmeiro's suspension? Given that Palmeiro has more or less implicated Tejada after the fact because of the (completely legal, so let's not get into it) B12 shots Tejada supposedly gave to Palmeiro, I can't say as though I haven't considered it.

Could Tejada have stopped taking the B12 because he feared he had gotten a contaminated batch? Or could he have stopped taking, you know, something else, once he found out about Palmeiro's suspension (which you may recall was a long time coming by the time it actually happened on August 1).

Tejada's numbers in 2005 were no big secret. Through June, he had 19 home runs. He hit seven the rest of the way, and just one in the entire month of September.

Now in July, Tejada was still a good player. He still slugged .557, mostly on account of 13 doubles. So there's an argument in his favor. However in August he slugged .411 with six doubles and three homers, and in September slugged just .368 with seven doubles, a triple and a homer.

There are logical and reasonable and non-damning reasons for all of this, too. Tejada could have well just been tired - he plays every day, and has done so for years. Tejada also might have just been having some problems that had nothing to do with baseball. Or maybe the clubhouse was such a mess that it wore him out.

Maybe he just wasn't trying very hard anymore. Watching him play the last couple of months, I'm inclined to think this is quite likely.

And I know you're all mostly big Tejada fans, so please don't take this as me trying to crap on Tejada. It's not that - I like Miggy, too, though I liked him a little less down the stretch, and his behavior with the Palmeiro thing has been a bit sketchy. I'm not accusing him of anything, just putting it out there to see if you guys have had the same thoughts wander through your minds.