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Mariners sign Jojima

Source: AP (via Yahoo)

The deal is for three years and $16.5 million.

Jojima is a career .298/.358/.513 hitter in Japan. He'll be 30 next June.

For comparison's sake:

                 Japan              MLB
Ichiro Suzuki    .353/.421/.522    .332/.377/.442
Hideki Matsui    .304/.413/.582    .297/.370/.496
Kaz Matsui       .309/.361/.486    .265/.320/.380

I don't know how good Jojima will be. Ichiro and Hideki Matsui are obviously both very good hitters, though their MLB numbers are well below their numbers from Japan. His numbers line up closer to Kaz Matsui than they do Ichiro or Hideki anyway, and Kaz has been a pretty big flop in the States.