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Beckett/Lowell to Boston

Source: AP (via Yahoo)

This one isn't delivered, but it looks signed and sealed. The Red Sox would acquire Josh Beckett and Mike Lowell for Hanley Ramirez, Anibal Sanchez and Jesus Delgado.

Florida looks like they're selling with the stadium situation, as everyone substantial except for Cabrera and Willis looks like they're headed somewhere else. Burnett's gone, Beckett and Lowell are going somewhere together it would appear, Delgado is probably gone, Castillo is being discussed with the Mets, Pierre has been talked about since day one of the offseason.

I like the trade for Boston, though I'm not exactly excited about them getting Beckett, who is a steal in this deal considering what kind of money AJ Burnett is about to make, and Beckett's better than Burnett. Beckett was the second-best pitcher on the Florida staff behind Willis this year. He wasn't phenomenal, but he's only 26 next May and still has plenty of upside. He's got the stuff. He misses starts every year but it's not because he's blowing out his arm or anything.

Lowell should be able to rebound from his awful year. Paul Konerko did it after his crappy 2003 to hit 40 homers two years in a row. The differences are obvious. Konerko was 27, Lowell was 31. Konerko's year, despite being crap, was still better than Lowell's. And Lowell isn't going to hit 40 homers for anyone. But Lowell should be able to rebound enough to adequately replace Kevin Millar, if not Bill Mueller.

As for what the Marlins receive, it's as good as you can hope for in a fire sale deal. Ramirez is overrated but still quite young. In 122 games at Double-A Portland this year, he hit .271/.335/.385. Not awe-inspiring, but he's 21 years old. He turns 22 on December 23. 21, 22, 23.

Anibal Sanchez may be the real prize here, as he's got real good strikeout numbers (10.98 K/9 in his minor league career) and pitched really well between Wilmington and Portland this season. Jesus Delgado is a wild card with a live arm. He pitched in the Sally league exclusively as a reliever this season.