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The 2006 Orioles, as of right now, look something like this:

C - Javy Lopez
1B - Walter Young/empty
2B - Brian Roberts
3B - Melvin Mora
SS - Miguel Tejada
LF - Eric Byrnes? (maybe Nick Markakis or Val Majewski)
CF - Luis Matos (or Markakis/Majewski)
RF - Jay Gibbons
DH - Walter Young/empty

Chris Gomez for sure
Majewski? Markakis? Gil? Whiteside? Newhan?

SP - Bruce Chen
SP - Daniel Cabrera
SP - Erik Bedard
SP - Rodrigo Lopez
SP - John Maine (maybe Hayden Penn?)

CL - empty (ugh, Julio?)
RP - Jorge Julio
RP - Chris Ray
RP - Steve Kline
RP - Todd Williams
RP - Aaron Rakers
RP - Tim Byrdak? Eric DuBose? Eddy Rodriguez? someone else?

Some of these guys (Byrnes, Newhan, etc.) could still go sometime soon, but for now they're technically on the roster, so they can get their name in lights.

ALRIGHT, the point: What the hell would you do with this team? We've talked about it a bunch, but let's all just cull it together right now. (I even promise not to nitpick every suggestion you have! OK, I'll try not to, I can't promise.)

Move Javy to a 1B/DH spot and sign Ramon Hernandez or Ben Molina? Do your damnedest to convince Konerko that it would be more fun to play in Baltimore than it would be to play in Anaheim near your family for a team with a legitimate shot at winning right away? Trade some of these guys for available stars or even just for more prospects? Do you sign a closer or try Ray or someone else?

Do you try to move Gibbons to 1B full time and sign an outfielder? Remember, the outfield is one of the places the Orioles have guys that really could be ready to play in the majors as early as Opening Day. Do you let Byrnes try to plug the LF hole with a one-year deal, or let him walk because he sucks? Rondell White? Jacque Jones?

Kevin Millwood (not in left field, obviously, though he couldn't be much worse than Byrnes was)? Paul Byrd? Matt Morris? Nobody, and let the guys we have try to sort it out and meet whatever potential they have?

Do you attempt to package some of our prospects to try to bring in a blockbuster name, like Adam Dunn? Make an inspired late run at AJ Burnett, or pass him over because he's clearly going to get more money and years than you'd be willing to give him? Take a stab at Brian Giles and move Gibbons to DH?

Hey, I'm not trying to tell you what to do, and I'm not even going to tell you what I'd do. I think all my biases are pretty clear. So lay your cards down. You're the boss here. What do you do for 2006 and beyond?