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Konerko offer made

Source: Sun

Three teams left in the bidding, and we're one of them, along with the White Sox and Angels. The Orioles are offering Konerko a four-year, $50 million deal, and are likely to offer five years and $60 million as a follow-up after not receiving any counter offer from Konerko's agent. This is probably because Konerko doesn't have any interest in playing with Baltimore when his other options are the defending World Series champs who may have gotten him some lefty power protection in the lineup, or a team that plays close to his home in Arizona and is also a legit contender.

I don't expect to get Konerko at all. Frankly I'd be stunned if we did get him. But it's nice to see them at least offer something substantial to a marquee player. Then again, you could also be the pessimist and say they're doing it because they won't land him. No risk, no reward, but an offer.

More likely we'll end up with one of the three options the Sun story mentions at the end of the article: Nomar playing first base next season, or (puke) Kevin Millar or (puke) the return of Jeff Conine.

Unrelated, but here's Blue Jay Ryan and Mrs. Blue Jay Ryan: