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Konerko rejects O's, Phils may land Gordon

According to ESPNews, Paul Konerko has rejected a $65 million deal from the Orioles. I'm not surprised, because the Angels or White Sox will pony up and aren't the Orioles. I'd bet on the Angels right now. Over at Halos Heaven, they aren't thrilled with the idea of Konerko. I share the same concern about his hip, but I could give a shit about his strikeouts because he's also increased his walk totals and is coming off of his best season. The hip is scary, though. An arthritic hip ended Albert Belle, so we've been there.

Jayson Stark says the Phillies are intensifying their talks with Tom Gordon, who would fill their closer's role. They've got the money and they've got the "need" for Gordon to close. Seems like a rather routine Phillies signing to me if it happens. It would keep us from freaking and giving Gordon a lot of money at the least.