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Friday Round-Up: Big Hurt, Guidry, Yount, Towers, Theo, more

The White Sox have bought out Frank Thomas' contract, though they would like him to return in 2006. It's just that they don't want to pay him $10 million, and that's understandable. He's not a health risk at this point, he's a health liability. When he plays the man can still hit the hell out of the ball.

The Yankees have hired Ron Guidry as pitching coach, along with former Boston manager/pitching coach Joe Kerrigan as the team's new bullpen coach. Guidry was a hell of a good pitcher and pretty much anything has to be better than the job Mel Stottlemyre was doing the last few years.

In surprising news, the Minneapolis Star Tribune is reporting that the Twins are interested in Jim Thome, and have inquired about his availability. How the Twins would ever afford to pay Thome, I don't know, but it would be the first real risk they've taken in a long, long time if they got a deal done. The Star Tribune also says Reggie Jackson would like to buy the Twins.

Kevin Towers isn't going anywhere, which I'm sure is great news for Padres fans now that they have Vinny Castilla because of his wheeling and dealing. Towers was considered a candidate for job openings with the Red Sox, D-Backs and Dodgers.

I have to assume it would never happen, but: Glaus and Erstad to Boston, Manny to the Angels, prospects and stuff to Arizona. Erstad would assumedly play CF with Glaus at 1B if it went through. I don't really care either way, though I do not like Erstad at all and it would be even easier to hate the Red Sox with him there.

The Brewers have hired Hall of Famer Robin Yount as their bench coach.

The independent league Brockton Rox are getting attention for ten minutes, as they have offered Theo Epstein their GM job. This is the team owned by Bill Murray along with Bill Veeck's son, Mike. I almost typed that as, "Bill Murray and Bill Veeck's son, Mike," but that would have made it seem as though Bills Murray and Veeck had a son together. And that is not the case.

The Dodgers will interview John Hart for their vacant GM position. Theo Epstein, Jim Bowden and White Sox special assistant Dennis Gilbert are also candidates. I know I'd want Jim Bowden, maybe he could hook my team up with some awesome Cristian Guzman deals. But he did outsmart Kevin Towers.

The Indians exercised their 2006 option on Ronnie Belliard. I'm a fan of his.

The Mets may be interested in 814-year old Julio Franco.