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Kevin Towers is far stupider than I thought he was

"In the 10 years I've been a general manager, I was tired of Vinny hitting home runs against us, either in Colorado or Washington." - Towers

The Padres traded Brian Lawrence, a wholly unspecial starting pitcher, to Washington for Vinny Castilla.

Vinny Castilla, who exactly one time in his life has had an OPS over .800 with anyone but the Rockies, and it was in Houston four years ago. 38-year old Vinny Castilla, who hit 12 home runs with a .722 OPS for the Nats this year. Now he'll be in PETCO. Brian Giles hit 15 homers at PETCO this year, and he had a damn good season. They thought Sean Burroughs' lack of power playing third base was a problem.


This opens up the Expos to start Ryan Zimmerman at third next year, which is the plan.