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Monday Round-Up: O's staff shuffle, ROYs, Cuban, Wagner, more

Sorry about the absence. A smidge busy this weekend.

The O's have a new coaching setup. Lee Elia, who most recently served as Tampa Bay's hitting coach, and is a former Cubs and Phillies manager, will take over as the bench coach. Perlozzo has moved Tom Trebelhorn back to third base coach (NOOOOOOOOOOOOO) and Rick Dempsey is now in the bullpen, replacing Ellie Hendricks. Moving Trebelhorn back to third just bugs the hell out of me because he must've cost us ten runs with his push-button windmill action.

Huston Street and Ryan Howard won the Rookie of the Year awards, just like they did here.

As has been reported before, Mark Cuban is interested in buying the Pirates. Cuban grew up a Pirates fan, but has been told by current ownership that there is no interest in selling. If you think about how abysmal the Dallas Mavericks were before Cuban took over, it wouldn't surprise me if it only took Cuban two years or so to make a winner out of the Pirates were he to ever get his chance. Frankly for the sake of Pirates fans, I hope Cuban does buy the team eventually. They have been a complete non-entity for the last 13 years outside of providing other teams with good players at trade deadlines.

Pete Rose's kid deals drugs.

While the Red Sox look for a new GM, four guys will try to replace Theo Epstein at the GM meetings.

The Indians re-signed lefty reliever Scott Sauerbeck. The Dodgers re-signed Jose Cruz Jr. to a one-year deal, which means those of you with Cruz hopes are out of luck. Thankfully.

More on the Pirates! Pittsburgh is shopping Kip Wells and John Grabow in hopes of landing a power hitter. Considering some of the names being mentioned are Kevin Mench and Lyle Overbay, I think we can safely say this is the Pittsburgh definition of "power hitter," and maybe not so much anyone else's.

I thought when the Tigers signed Troy Percival last year, it was the stupidest move of the offseason, because he's been a physical mess for years now. I might have been right, because Percival is done, and now the Tigers, having traded machete-wielding Ugueth Urbina and big bad Kyle Farnsworth away, are talking to Billy Wagner about a three-year deal. The Tigers seem to have an enormous interest in name closers.

The Cubs picked up options on Todd Walker and Scott Williamson.