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Wednesday AM Round-Up: Colon, Urbina, Tino, Furcal, Manny, Otsuka, more

Bartolo Colon won the AL Cy Young award, easily beating out Mariano Rivera and Johan Santana. Once again, the awful BBWAA voters make an alarmingly poor decision. Look, Colon had a good year. He deserves recognition. He led the league in wins. But nobody with half a brain could look at the lines for Colon v. Santana and come up with Colon being better. You'd think these things would stop bugging me at some point, but they don't and likely never will.

The Dodgers are strongly considering hiring 37-year old Kim Ng as their GM. If you're like me, you probably thought Kim Ng was just an Asian man. Turns out that's not true. Kim Ng is a woman, and if she's hired, would obviously be baseball's first female general manager. If this is anything like movies, all the man GMs will attempt to get her to trade them her team's good players for their crap, and they might even flirt with her a little, but at the end of it all, right when they think she's going in for the bait, she will throw her drink in their face or totally son them in some way. And that'll teach them that this is not the lady to mess with. I really don't know what my point is.

The Cubs gave Neifi Perez a two-year deal for five million dollars total. They also plan to make a run at free agent shortstop Rafael Furcal.

In the offseason's most bizarre story, Ugueth Urbina is now being held pending formal charges for attempted murder in Venezuela.

The Padres picked up their option on reliever Akinori Otsuka. They also declined on Eric Young.

The Yankees won't bring Tino Martinez back next season. Now I hate Tino, but he's always seemed like a class act despite those pinstripes, and if he retires at 38, then best of luck with whatever he does after baseball. Hell, if he doesn't retire then best of luck wherever he goes unless it's in the AL East.

Scott Eyre will test the free agent market after being offered a two-year deal by the Giants. Eyre had a hell of a good season for San Francisco, easily the best of his career, which has been largely poor.

The Mets would like Manny, but Manny wouldn't like the Mets. He prefers playing in Anaheim, Arizona or returning to Cleveland. My favorite Manny in Cleveland story involves Manny standing in the outfield and being truly thrilled when airplanes flew overhead.