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Tejada and the Cubs

Yes, yes, more Tejada. It's kind of a big deal.

I've largely ignored the Cubs in this whole thing. They've got a farm system that has actual possible players in it, a hole at short, and Tejada would fit in well with the Wrigley faithful. I've often considered Tejada a new-age Ernie Banks, always smiling. Well, until now, as Tejada has become human. Ernie Banks lost 173 games a year for fifty decades and kept smiling like some kind of happiness bot.

Al at Bleed Cubbie Blue has an entry up about the Cubs being very interested in Miggy. It's no surprise, and they have plenty of players to be interested in. Rich Hill, Felix Pie, of course there's Mark Prior. I'd prefer getting Carlos Zambrano out of it somehow because I'm a big fan, but that's probably not likely since he's the only one whose arm isn't falling off.

Cubs fans seem very excited about the prospect of getting Tejada, and why wouldn't they be? No matter how you're feeling about him right now, he's a hell of a player. The Cubs very well might be able to offer us the best deal, and he wouldn't be in Boston in this case.