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Washington Post article on Tejada/Manny

Source: Washington Post

Very interesting.

If the Orioles decide to trade Tejada there certainly would be much interest, particularly from the Boston Red Sox, who seem eager to acquire the shortstop. A large obstacle to a trade with the Red Sox was removed yesterday when a source close to outfielder Manny Ramirez said he would "absolutely" accept a trade to Baltimore.

Ramirez's willingness makes it more likely the teams can make a deal. Obviously, there are other issues involved, such as whether Baltimore would want to trade Tejada to a team in its division, and how much money the Red Sox would offer. One Baltimore official said the team would want a considerable amount of money from Boston to offset the difference in annual salaries, and another player, possibly pitcher Bronson Arroyo.

I'm surprised that Ramirez would (reportedly) so eagerly accept a deal to Baltimore. Adding Arroyo does little for me, even though he was named after Charles Bronson, because he was pretty lame this year.

The most important issue is whether the Orioles will trade Tejada at all. If so, it seems they won't have trouble finding a trading partner. Numerous radio reports in Chicago said the Cubs would be willing to put together a package. It seems reasonable to think the Cubs would have to offer either starter Kerry Wood or starter Mark Prior plus prospects.

Of the two, Prior is obviously far more desirable. Wood and Cabrera on the same team would give me a headache, plus I don't want to deal with Kerry's arm.

One Orioles official believed the Los Angeles Angels could be a good match since they could offer shortstop Orlando Cabrera, first base prospect Casey Kotchman, and pitching prospect Ervin Santana. It appears the Angels are interested.

No thanks.

Baltimore officials are puzzled as to why Tejada would make such a demand.

Are these jokers aware that we finish in fourth place every year? Maybe THAT'S the problem.

Regardless, it remains to be seen how Tejada will be received by fans and teammates if he's not traded and whether the shortstop will sulk if he stays. In a conversation on Friday, Orioles third baseman Melvin Mora said Tejada promised he wouldn't.

"Believe it or not," Mora said on Friday, "if they don't trade Tejada, he's still going to play hard."

I really am humored by the role Melvin Mora is playing in all of this.