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Oriole Rumors

According to the Yahoo Sports rumor mill:

  1. We are not getting Kevin Millwood. The Cardinals and Mariners look like the leading suitors. The Expos made an offer.
  2. We are interested in Jacque Jones, and so are the Mariners, Pirates and Royals. Do any of these teams realize nobody good is interested in Jones? And how about that shot for Jacque's ego? Sadly Jones may be a LF upgrade after that hideous season the O's had out there with everyone they tried. I still enjoy the idea of trying a Jones/Byrnes platoon, but Jacque Jones isn't going to sign somewhere if he knew he'd be platooning. The two of them have clear splits and it could work out wonderfully. Or it could tank when they both stink, who knows.
  3. We are still interested in Kris Benson, but the Royals are probably going to get him if anyone does.
  4. We are listed as having interest in Frank Thomas, but I've seen nothing to actually support it. His agents have met with the A's and Twins, and the Jays are apparently in the mix as well.
  5. Washburn is not on our rader. Washington has extended an offer.
  6. We're continuing Adam Dunn talks with the Reds. Yahoo called him "Solo home run specialist Adam Dunn." I prefer ".901 career OPS Adam Dunn," ".383 career OBP Adam Dunn," or "40 homers a year at age 26 Adam Dunn."
If we got Dunn and a healthy Frank Thomas (wishcasting, but it's not entirely out of the question, I suppose) that would be some serious thunder to put with Tejada and Mora. Not Javy Lopez and Rafael Palmeiro thunder - thunder. Home runs and people that get on base thunder. BOOM KRASH thunder.

It all wouldn't address the problem we have ABOUT NOT HAVING ANY STARTING PITCHING, but heeeeeey, Big Pete and His No Men will work on that sometime when the best arms on the market only cost $5 million a year.

Edit: And I was curious, so I looked it up.

In 2005, Adam Dunn hit 40 homers. 20 were solo homers, 20 were with runners on. He is actually a much better hitter with runners on (.997 OPS, as teams tend to pitch around him) than he is with the bases empty (.867). Dunn is not going to go 3-for-4 very often, but he'll get his 275 pounds down to first, at the least, very frequently. And yes, he hits home runs.