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Mueller to Dodgers, Vazquez to White Sox

Bill Mueller will reportedly sign a two-year deal with the Dodgers, which is a decent enough fit for him I guess. It's not like Dodger Stadium is going to sap his home run power.

The White Sox have traded for Javier Vazquez, sending El Duque, Luis Vizcaino and outfielder Chris Young to Arizona. I figured the White Sox would deal Duque somewhere and go with a Buehrle, Contreras, Garcia, Garland, McCarthy rotation, but now that they're blocking McCarthy with Vazquez instead of Duque, I'd be very interested to see what it would take to get McCarthy from them. It's not that I think he'll be a stud ace pitcher or anything, but he's ready for the majors and is a better pitching prospect than anyone we have.

The White Sox could still conceivably trade Garland, which sounds crazy on the surface I guess, but Garland will be a free agent and may have just had a career year. Contreras is also going to be a free agent after this season. Maybe Kenny Williams isn't done yet. If he doesn't plan to do anything with those two (and I wouldn't mind getting either of them, for that matter, though I'm skeptical of Garland still), maybe we could figure out something for McCarthy. What it would be I have no idea, because I don't know what Chicago needs/wants, or how high their price would be for him.

Any ideas?