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Mariners sign Carl Everett to one-year deal

Carl Everett on dinosaurs:

"Didn't exist. God created the sun, the stars, the heavens and the earth, and then made Adam and Eve. The Bible never says anything about dinosaurs. You can't say there were dinosaurs when you never saw them. Someone actually saw Adam and Eve. No one ever saw a Tyrannosaurus rex."

"First of all, paleontologists don't believe one another on their own discoveries--how can I believe in people who don't even believe in it themselves? And biblically, there's no mention of dinosaurs. According to the word of the Bible, Adam had dominion over all animals; according to man, dinosaurs ruled the Earth. So either God's a liar, or...well, I don't believe that God's a liar."

"You can make bones in the lab nowadays. And every year they come out with a different dinosaur movie, so does that mean that that dinosaur existed? A lot of things are being made that you would never see walk on this Earth."

"Why would they say a lot of things that aren't real? That's the thing--no one thinks for themselves. If everybody would think logically, then they would come to their own conclusions. That's what I do."

Carl Everett on Jose Canseco:

"He is a bitter, ignorant individual."

So he's at least batting .500.

Carl Everett was once upon a time (for two seasons, 1999 and 2000) one of the best players in baseball. Everett's a bit out there and for that reason is up there on the list of My Favorite Players I'd Never Want On My Own Team.

Safeco Field is going to do Everett's game zero favors. He's basically only an asset by popping the occasional homer nowadays. He's a bad enough outfielder that he has to DH, though Grover says he'll play him in the OF occasionally, which will just make the easily predictable problems of Everett playing in Seattle even worse. But I'll root for him in the way I always do. Carl Everett is truly one of a kind and a man of conviction, you cannot argue that.