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25 Orioles to Go

The O's will need a 25-man roster soon enough, so with nothing better to talk about let's speculate on who will be there.

I've categorized this into Locks, Likelies, Maybes and Longshots. I would liked to have come up with a fourth L-word for the Maybes but I couldn't think of one off-hand so I just went ahead with how I had it.

The Locks are the guys that I figure, barring injury, will be on the team. Obviously there are some FA signings still to come - Conine is probably certain, so you'd be wise to slot him as a 1B. Jacque Jones, Lofton, Burnitz and any starting pitcher are all less of a sure thing it would appear, so include them if you like.

Who do you have on your 25-man roster? I'm guessing the fifth spot in the rotation won't be filled by Washburn or Weaver or anyone, and will be up for grabs in the spring again between Maine, Penn and Ainsworth, if Ainsworth's arm still works.

Here's what we've got (all players are on the 40-man roster):

LOCKS (16 total, 8 P)
Bedard, Erik (SP-L)
Cabrera, Daniel (SP-R)
Chen, Bruce (SP-L)
Lopez, Rodrigo (SP-R)
Hawkins, LaTroy (RP-R)
Julio, Jorge (RP-R)
Ray, Chris (RP-R)
Todd, The (RP-R)

Hernandez, Ramon (C)
Lopez, Javy (C/DH/1B)
Roberts, Brian (2B)
Gomez, Chris (IF)
Mora, Melvin (3B)
Tejada, Miguel (SS)
Gibbons, Jay (RF/1B)
Matos, Luis (CF)

Rakers, Aaron (RP-R)

Gil, Geronimo (C)
Young, Walter (1B/DH)
Byrnes, Eric (LF)
Newhan, David (OF/3B)

Ainsworth, Kurt (SP-R)
Maine, John (SP-R)
Penn, Hayden (SP-R)
Byrdak, Tim (RP-L)
DuBose, Eric (RP-L)

Whiteside, Eli (C)
Majewski, Val (OF)

Johnson, James (SP-R)
Britton, Chris (RP-R)
Keefer, Ryan (RP-R)
Rleal, Sendy (RP-R)
Rodriguez, Eddy (RP-R)
Salas, Marino (RP-R)

Fahey, Brandon (SS/3B)
Freire, Alejandro (1B)
Fiorentino, Jeff (CF)
Markakis, Nick (LF/CF)