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Rumours by Fleetwood Mac

Coco Crisp may be dealt to Boston in exchange for Guillermo Mota and Andy Marte. If that happens let's remember that Mota and Marte were technically Red Sox. Well Marte was probably a PawSox.

If the Red Sox don't keep Damon, they've talked to Seattle about a Jeremy Reed-for-Bronson Arroyo swap. That would now seem to also be dependent on what happens with the Crisp deal.

If it was me I'd rather have Crisp, although Marte is potentially a lot better than either CF in question or Arroyo. Then again he's potentially not and one thing the Red Sox aren't short on is third basemen. What do I care, I guess. But chances are the CF for Boston in 2006 will be Damon, Crisp or Reed.