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Phillies get Gordon

Source: AP via Yahoo

Pending a physical, of course. The deal is for $18 million over three years, which is what we offered BJ Ryan. Flash will take over as Philly's closer, something he hasn't done on a full-time basis since 2001 with the Cubs. He just turned 38 so he'll be 40 when the deal is up. Flash can still pitch and hasn't had a bad season since 1999, when he was hurt. Not counting that one, he hasn't had a bad season since 1996, which is the last season he was a full-time starter. His two seasons in New York were the best of his career, though he'll probably be most remembered for getting hammered by Boston in the 2004 ALCS.

I'm not sad we missed out on Gordon, but there's still time for them to waste money on Todd Jones or Braden Looper.